West By God

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West By God

West by God is the story of a young newspaper journalist named Adelaide sent to report on a high-profile murder in the remote (and fictional) town of Targrady, West Virginia. Once she gets there, she discovers the case in question is anything but open-and-shut, and quickly finds herself neck-deep in a mystery that could sink the entire town. Complicating Adelaide's efforts to get to the bottom of the story are the machinations of a nightmare creature called the Witchum Woman, a local drug syndicate led by the enigmatic Fetid Queen and populated by white supremacists, and the age-old small town suspicion of outsiders. "West by God" is an adult horror/thriller fiction novel that delves into themes of race, gender, sexuality and justice. It could be found on a shelf beside authors such as Dan Simmons and Davis Grubb.

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